Unakite Oval Worry Stone


Unakite crystal shaped as a flat round "worry stone." 

These flat, polished gemstones are used for relaxation and anxiety. By running your fingers over the smoothness of the crystal, the movement and energy of the crystal  can help you to reduce the feelings of stress.

When you are feeling worried, stressed or just not good about things, rub the worry stone crystal to take on the healing energies of the crystal.

Unakite helps you to learn when to be dispassionate and when to be compassionate, then knowing when which one is needed to be used.

This crystal also helps with weight gain, recovery from major illness, the reproductive system and the energies can also help with a healthy pregnancy, from conception right through to birth.

Place on or near the TV for the crystal to absorb the electromagnetic smog.

This worry stone measures 4 cm x 3.5 cm