Tiger Eye Pyramid
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Tiger Eye Pyramid
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Tiger Eye Pyramid

Size: Small
Product description

Tiger eye has strong protective qualities, especially against other peoples ill wishes and thoughts towards you.

Other qualities of the tiger eye is that it is very helpful in resolving conflict and dilemmas, lifting mood swings and depression. 

The energy of the gold in the tiger eye crystal aids in paying attention to detail so it's an excellent crystal to have with you when taking tests, exams and important meetings.

The pyramid shape can be used to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras and the room it's placed in, replenishing the energy with vibrant new energy.

It can also help to enhance and focus on what you program the crystal to help you with. 

Small: - Weight: 25 grams - Measurements: 30mm x 30mm

Medium: Weight: 52 grams - Measurements: 40mm x 40mm

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