Macrame Wrapped Crystal Necklaces


Macrame Wrapped Crystals; raw and polished necklaces.

These are now being made by myself, Ulli in the loving and nurturing environment at Ulli's New Age Rockz, surrounded by the energy and creativity of the crystals in my retail store.  

Each necklace is adjustable in length.

Original price of $24.95 most are now on sale from $17.95

Every crystal has it's own healing energies.

Amethyst: peace and serenity - 

Citrine: abundance and harmony - 

Sodalite: communication 

Opalite: intuition

Chyrsocolla: accepting change - 

Green Calcite: mental healer

Shungite (polished & raw): Protection against 5G

White & Blue Howlite: calms the mind -

Orange Calcite: Energizing

Chiastolite: Protection -

Rose Quartz: Unconditional love

Carnelian: Creativity

Amazonite: Guard against electromagnetic smog

Quartz: Healing crystal

Tiger Eye: Protection

Aragonite: Earth healing

Bloodstone: Immune system

Jasper: Stress reducer

Hematite: Legal situations, grounding

Smoky quartz: Absorbs negativity

Labradorite: spiritual protection

Moonstone: emotional balance