Septarian Sphere Large
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Septarian Sphere Large
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Septarian Sphere Large

Size: Large
Product description

A mix of calcite, aragonite and chalcedony crystals make septarian. 

Emotionally nurturing and calming, septarian is useful for self nurturing and caring for others.

Physically this crystal can help to detect and rebalance any blockages in the body.

Mentally a joyful crystal that supports your ideas and helps to manifest them, bringing in the energy of patience, tolerance and endurance.

Useful for NLP ( neuro linguistic programming), repatterning and reprogramming.

The ball shape emits energy in all directions equally. It can be used as a scrying tool or a window to the past or future as the energy of the crystal moves through time to provide a glimpse of what is to come or what has already been. 

Large: Weight: 388 grams - Diameter: 65 mm

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