Rose Quartz Free Form


Rose Quartz Free Form palm pieces.

By running your fingers over the smoothness of the crystal, the movement and energy of the crystal can help reduce feelings of stress and worry too.

Rose Quartz, the crystal of infinite peace and unconditional love.

Emotionally rose quartz is the finest healer for the heart chakra as it releases unexpressed emotions and heartache that no longer serves you.  It opens your heart to be receptive of love from yourself and love from others.

Rose quartz also helps to strengthen empathy, positive affirmations and to accept necessary change in your life.

In existing relationships, rose quartz will help to enhance trust, harmony and unconditional love on all levels.

2 sizes available: 

1 - approx. size 60mm x 40mm & approx. weight 75 - 85 grams

2 - approx. size 60mm x 50mm & approx. weight 110 grams