Rainbow Fluorite Tower


The green colour of the fluorite is great for healing and your health, the purple colour of the fluorite benefits your spiritual side.

Highly protective on a psychic level while doing any type of spiritual work. Fluorite draws stress and negativity from your body whilst cleansing your aura.

It can help to bring structure into your life especially when things seem to be disorganized or not stable. 

Can dissolve fixed behaviour patterns and fixed ideas that stop you from being at your full potential in life and work.

 Place near computers, TV's etc to absorb the electromagnetic smog that these devices let off. 

The tower shape of the crystal amplifies energy and focuses it out through it's peak.

It is helpful for people to keep good emotional, mental and physical balance.

Place in the home or office as it dissipates negativity, stress and conflict from the area it's placed in.  

Medium: Weight: approx. 95 grams - Measurements: 7 cm tall x 2.5 cm base

*Each piece will be different to each other as fluorite varies from purple to green and can include both colours*