Wish Candles


A pack of 7 coloured candles to help improve particular things going on in your life.

Blue - For peace, hope, bring harmony into the home and a better future

White - For enlightenment, cleanse away troubles from your heart and mind and to help find solutions

Brown - For good health and quick recovery from illness or poor health

Pink - For love, sincerity and successful relationships

Yellow - For good spirit, mutual understanding and a better relationship

Violet - For spiritual and material gain, inner peace, spiritual abilities and business 

Orange - For study and career, help to retain information and a successful livelihood 

Green - For money matters and fortune, better financial capability, good luck in business and personal life

Black - To counteract and protect against evil intentions of others

Red - For a meaningful, happy and fulfilling life

Burn 1 candle a day over a 7 day period, try and burn the candle at the same time each day.