Labradorite Worry Stone


 A mystical and protective crystal, labradorite deflects unwanted energy from your aura,  preventing energy leakages as it is a barrier to negative energy and removes other peoples projections, including thoughts that have hooked into your aura.

This crystal stimulates psychic gifts, intuition and the right timing around things, bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface to help understand them.

Psychologically, labradorite assists in banishing fears, insecurities and psychic debris from precious disappointments, including past lives.

These flat, polished gemstones are used for relaxation and anxiety. By running your fingers over the smoothness of the crystal, the movement and energy of the crystal  can help you to reduce the feelings of stress.

When you are feeling worried, stressed or just not good about things, rub the worry stone crystal to take on the healing energies of the crystal.

Measurements: 3 cm x 3 cm