Citrine Natural Towers


The energy of the natural citrine can help to enhance your metaphysical abilities and grounding those energies so you can function in a normal everyday reality. It can also removes blockages that are stopping or slowing you down on your spiritual path. 

Working with your solar plexus chakra, this crystal assists you in moving out of circumstances or environments that don't allow you to expand to where you need to be. 

The tower shape of the crystal amplifies energy and focuses it out through it's peak. It is helpful for people to keep good emotional, mental and physical balance. Place in the home or office as it dissipates negativity, stress and conflict from the area it's placed in.  

1 - Weight: 54 grams - Measures: 60 mm tall x 30 mm base

2 - Weight: 16 grams - Measures: 50 mm tall x 13 mm base

3 - Weight: 29 grams - Measures: 30 mm tall x 25 mm base

4 - Weight: 15 grams - Measures: 25 - 30 mm tall x 20 mm base approx.