Chevron Amethyst Double Terminator Wand


Chevron amethyst crystal wand that can be used to direct energy, move energy from your aura and chakras, also to press on your acupressure points.

Chevron Amethyst is slightly different to traditional amethyst as the chevron amethyst has white striping through it. 

Chevron Amethyst is one of the strongest crystal to enhance your 3rd eye and intuition, strengthening your inner and outer visions and out of body journeys. 

It's strong healing energy field cleanses the aura, bringing harmony to your internal organs and stimulating the immune system.

Spiritually chevron amethyst can help you to find a positive answer to any problem that you may be going through. 

Crystal wands have been used for centuries for healing purposes as it gathers energy and directs energy through the point of the crystal and then focus the point to a particular part of your body that needs healing.  

Wands with points at both ends absorb energy from both ends, channeling in in 2 directions at once. Bringing balance, it can integrate spirit and matter and provides a bridge between the 2 energy points.

1 - Measurements: 70 mm length 

2 - Measurements: 55 mm length