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Black Obsidian Raw Small

Black Obsidian Raw Small

Black Obsidian Raw Small

Product description

A raw chunk of black obsidian volcanic glass.

Raw crystals have not been machine touched are in their natural form. 

Place at your doorway to keep negative energy outside and away from your home.

Black obsidian is molten lava that has cooled quickly so it had no time to crystallize.

Helping to ground your soul and spiritual being on the physical earth, black obsidian is very powerful with it's energy bringing situations and emotions to the surface for you to face up to and resolve.

It's protective energy repels negative people and unloving thoughts from others.

Highly sensitive people are drawn to black obsidian as it works as a protective shield against psychic attack and negative spiritual influences. 

This is a popular crystal to keep in a work environment, especially if working in an office. 

Each piece weighs between 45 grams and 0 grams and is approx. 3-5 cm.

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