Amethyst Caves Hand Size


Amethyst clusters naturally shaped into caves.

Place an amethyst in your bedroom to help with sleep, protection against the psychic attack and sleep paralysis. 

Amethyst placed in an office, workplace or lounge room will bring peace and serenity to the environment and everyone in the area will benefit from the calming energies of the amethyst.

People suffering from addictions of all types can benefit from amethyst as it helps to minimize over indulging.

1 - Weight: 453 grams - Measurements: 100mm x 90mm

2 - Weight: 570 grams - Measurements: 130mm x 100mm

3 - Weight: 615 grams - Measurements: 120mm x 90mm

4 - Weight: 730 grams - Measurements: 110mm x 80mm (double sided)