Amber Sterling Silver Jewellery
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Amber Sterling Silver Jewellery
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Amber Sterling Silver Jewellery

Style: Oval ring
Oval ring
Oval double band
Product description

Assorted pieces of Amber Sterling Silver Jewellery

Amber is fossilized tree resin so it is very light in weight. It has strong connects to the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies as it links the everyday self to higher spiritual reality.

A powerful healer that helps with inflammation and promotes tissue revitalization, and is very popular as teething necklaces for babies and for adults who suffer from physical pain and tension.

Mentally amber stimulates the intellect, can help with depression and suicidal tendencies as it promotes a positive metal state.

Useful for decision making as it encourages balance, wisdom and patience.              

Rings:           - Oval: 20mm x 13mm - size 7

                   - oval double band: 10mm x 5mm size 7


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