White Selenite


Selenites soft vibration brings a sense of safety; security and peace to the environment that it's placed in. 

Helpful with meditation as it's energy is connected to the crown and higher crown chakras.

Selenite is also used as a shield for your aura from allowing unwanted outside influences into your life. Also can be used for cutting energy cords at the end of each day.

The heart shape carries the energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.

It can help to dissolve any emotional wounds, resentment and fear that you may be holding onto (from the past or present)  without even realizing that you are still holding onto it.

 Crystal hearts also represent love. The love heart shape also brings loving energy and balance to relationships. 

Weight: 200 grams approx.

Measurements: 85mm 

Each piece will be slightly different to the picture