The Steampunk Tarot


The Steampunk Tarot - "Wisdom from the gods of the machine" by John and Caitlin Matthews.

This deck includes 78 cards and a 160 page illustrated guidebook.

Life guidance from an alternative reality.

In the steampunk alternative universe, steam power drives submersibles, rockets and ships across the world, and helium fuelled airships are the means of travel. But the hunger of adventure and exploration is alive, and people discover places stranger than they had ever imagined.

The major archetypes in this deck are the gods of the machine, acting as mediators are the court cards legates, the movers and shakers who oversee the four leagues; the elemental suits of airships, engines, submersibles and leviathans.

In this new spiritual culture there is a struggle to find balance and harmony in both environment and technology. Yet wisdom and direction can be gained from this interaction of energies; guidance that resonates in our world of today.