Seven Psychic Secrets


She` D`Montford`s Seven Psychic Secrets 192 Pages - A5 format - Illustrated - Begin using your psychic abilities TODAY.

We are all psychic. We just have to be shown how. Beyond "What The Bleep" more concise than "The Course In Miracles" revealing more secrets than "The Secret" answering the skeptics with science & humour, this is a practical course to develop paranormal abilities that is fun & easy.

This book shows anyone how-to do these things. The ones that already can, it shows them how to do more. This puts all of the pieces together so that you can see the big picture clearly. The proof for the non-believers is in the doing.

Get this book & prove it to yourself! In clear and simple terms, it shows you how to: Unleash Your Own Psychic Power 1. See Auras 2. Feel, move and direct energy 3. Working with Spirit 4. Psychometry 5. Remote Viewing 6. Medical Intuition 7. Healing and remote healing Video Book Review https: //