Selenite Flat Oval Wand


Raw Selenite crystal charging plate.

You can also keep selenite beside your bed for a calming sleep as it brings peace and tranquillity to the area it is kept in.

Selenite wands in particular are used as energy erasers. By starting at the top of your head, slowly bring the selenite wand down your body while visualizing that the crystal is removing all negativity, anxiety and worries from your aura.    

Crystal wands have been used for centuries for healing purposes as it gathers energy and directs energy through the point of the crystal and then focus the point to a particular part of your body that needs healing.  

Selenite has a soft vibration that brings a sense of peace and safety to the environment it's placed in. This wand can also be used to detach any unwanted energy or entities from the aura. 

Approx. weight is 110 grams 

Approx. measurements are 150mm long x 35mm wide