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Rhyolite Tumbled

Rhyolite Tumbled

Rhyolite Tumbled

Product description

Rhyolite is also known as "Rainforest Jasper". 

Psychologically this crystal can help to boost your self esteem and your self worth, bringing in the feelings of self respect and acceptance of your true self.

Mentally rhyolite gives you the strength needed to deal with lifes challenges, bringing in a calming awareness of your own inner strength.

Spiritually it can help strengthen your soul, mind and body when exploring your true spiritual self.

Tumbled stones are polished pieces of crystal that were originally a rough piece of crystal stone that has been placed in a rock tumbler which tumbles the crystal until the edges and surface are smooth and polished.

Weight: approx. 7 grams

Measurements: approx. 2 cm 

Each piece will be slightly different to the picture

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