Mystic Topaz Jewellery


Mystic topaz sterling silver 925 rings and sterling silver 925 pendants.

Topaz that has been coated with vaporized titanium oxide (rutile).

Mystic topaz holds an extremely high vibrational energy that enables multi dimensional access, shining light on your spiritual path, highlighting your spiritual goals and tapping into your inner resources.  

Helping to cut through doubt and uncertainty; mystic topaz brings about trust in the universe, manifesting your soul plan, supporting affirmations, visualization and setting intentions. 

This crystal assists with problem solving, showing you the knowledge that you have gained through life experiences and how to use it in your current situations. 

1 -Tear drop ring small:  Size 7 15mm L x 10mm W - thick silver band

2 - Tear drop ring large: Size 9 17mm L x 13mm W - thick silver band