Finding Solutions Guided Meditation CD


You know those days when you are faced with a problem - be it at work or home - and you just can't find the answer? This short hypnosis session is designed to give you 20 minutes break and come up with the right solution. It does this by helping switch off your mind to all outside influences, removing any stress or tension, helping find the answer with complete clarity and focus.

Purpose for this Short Session

This 20 minute MP3 is perfect for time conscious people, professionals, or anyone wanting a break from a busy day. It is particularly useful if there is something you just quite can't find an answer for, and need the right state of mind to find the right solution. This is much like the old saying - "Just sleep on it". Through hypnosis you will discover focused awareness and an optimal mental state to find the answers to any problem - be it work related, personal, relationships or within the home.

Secluded Beach Theme

Giovanni will guide you to your own private beach, with waves gently rolling in on a white sandy foreshore. The background soundtrack make this a truly vivid experience as you hear the waves, gentle wind, and the ambiance of the ocean shore. This is a wonderful listening experience, and will help you quickly reach a nice level of trance, perfect to find the answers you are looking for.