Eluv Letting Go Guided Meditation


On this meditation Eluv will guide you through different processes designed to clear your body's energy system, balance your emotions and then release the past. Using it will shift your mindset away from the past to focus on the present and transition your consciousness into the 'now'. The visualization technique will allow you to clearly visualize  letting go of what you need to say goodbye to, thus allowing you a practical way to move forward in your life. As the universal law states 'once you let go of something old, you make space for something new to come in'. This guided meditation will make this transition easier for you on every level.

What You Can Expect to Experience

Using this meditation you will notice immediate shifts instantly after you use it, as well as long term improvements in your overall mental outlook. By removing negativity that happened in the past, either through memories, experiences or thoughts, you will be able to embrace all the good things in the present better. After using this session, you will also enjoy the luxury of feeling more clear headed, refreshed and ready to easily take on what the day may bring for you. It will free your mind from clutter, and give you a new direction for your day. Over time you will begin the natural healing process in a safe, ethical and effective way.

Using this Meditation

This CD is designed to be used when you have 20 minutes spare during the day or of a night time just before you sleep. It has been kept under 20 minutes to allow you the luxury of using it especially if you lead a busy lifestyle at work or at home. Otherwise you can use it while you go to sleep of a night time, and it is fine if you fall asleep while it plays. The more you use this program, the more deeply embedded the changes will happen for you on every level. Every person is different, but you should notice positive shifts in your mindset the more you keep using this meditation. Of curse, please do not use this CD when you are doing something where you need your full attention for safety's sake, like driving a car.

Background Sounds

This meditation is accompanied by a calming background soundtrack of music and nature. The music has a hypnotic rhythm to help guide your mind into tranquility and the natural sounds include flowing water, birds, crickets and crickets, all recorded in a tropical wetland. Combined with Eluv's soothing voice, this is indeed a delicate listening experience.