Coloured Obsidian Tumbled


Coloured obsidians.

Pink: Works with moving energy and circulation. Helps you to stand up to your fears and anxieties, bringing in the balance of yin and yang energy. 

Dark & light blue: Aids in astral travel, enhances divination and telepathy, activates the throat chakras and communication skills; helping with speech, Alzheimers, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders, opening your aura to receive healing, 

Green : Helps to remove hooks from others peoples energy in your aura and energy field and giving you protection from it happening again.

Tumbled stones are polished pieces of crystal that were originally a rough piece of crystal stone that has been placed in a rock tumbler which tumbles the crystal until the edges and surface are smooth and polished.

Weight: 10 - 15 grams

Measurements: 2.5 cm - 2 cm approx.

Each piece will be different