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Celtic Chalice of Celebration

Celtic Chalice of Celebration

Celtic Chalice of Celebration

Product description

Celtic chalice of celebration.

This richly engraved chalice with a twining vine of Ivy represents the abundance of life giving food and drink that mother earth offers to us all.

Ancient mythology informs us that Ivy was held in high esteem and used to form the poets crown.

Ivy was associated with Bacchus, the God of Wine. 

It is believed to nullify the effects of wine. Ancient Greeks would present newly weds with a wreath of Ivy to symbolise a long marriage and fidelity.

The chalice can also symbolise the water element which is associated with preosperity and a time of ease.

A chalice is a drinking cup, also known as a goblet. Here's a few uses for your chalice.

It can be used in covens to unite sisterhood/brotherhood.

Hand fasting ceremonies


Blend potions

Collect rainwater and cleanse your crystals in it

Size: 17 cm high x 10 cm diameter

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