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Carnelian Tumbled

Carnelian Tumbled

Carnelian Tumbled

Product description

Carnelian crystal is full of high energy and creativity. It's helpful for the sacral chakra and the reproductive system. Some of it's healing qualities are courage and the ability to trust in yourself 

Carnelian is full of life force, motivation, vitality and it's energies have the ability to cleanse other crystals. 

This crystal can help to improve analytical abilities, clarity in your perception of things,  sharpen your concentration and remove mental lethargy. 

Tumbled stones are polished pieces of crystal that were originally a rough piece of crystal stone that has been placed in a rock tumbler which tumbles the crystal until the edges and surface are smooth and polished.

Each piece is individual to it's self so no piece will be exactly the same and will slightly differ from the photo.

Weight: 12 grams

Measurements: 2 cm

Each piece will different - some light and some dark.

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