Awaken Your Inner Goddess CD


This hypnosis session is designed for women of any age and will help bring out your inner Goddess. It will help you become connected as one with your female energy, balance your chakra points, and promote harmony vitality, energy & youth. You will experience a changed perspective across all areas of your life, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. This is indeed an empowering process which is spiritually based.

Main Suggestions & Techniques

  • Flowing with your inner feminine energy
  • Clearing your specific chakra points for harmony & balance
  • Inner love and appreciation of what makes you special
  • Enhancing your own abilities for whatever you do
  • Connecting spiritually with your chosen purpose or belief

About the Soundtrack

This recording has a special soundtrack designed to enhance your listening experience and stimulate your imagination. In the background you will hear binaural beats to keep you in the perfect level of theta trance, as well as water trickling down a stream, Tibetan bells, birds, wind, and the subtle chant of a zen monk. This adds texture to the recording, and works directly with the script of the spoken hypnosis.