Amethyst Flat Base Polished Point


The energy of the amethyst brings healing and cleansing of the mind, lifts the feelings of sadness and grief, can help to dispel anger, rage, fears and anxiety. 

Amethyst is a strong protector against psychic attack and is good to keep in your bedroom for protection and a good nights sleep. This crystal also helps with stress and anxiety and should be rubbed to get the calming energies from it.

It is one of the most spiritual crystals as it promotes love of the divine, giving you insight into it's true nature, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst works with the 3rd eye chakra and the crown chakra. 

Crystals with points can be used in healing. Place in a room to draw away any negative energy.  If you place the point towards you it channels energy into you and if you place the point away from you it draws off energy.

Measurements: Base 3 cm x 2 cm Height 4 cm

Weight: 43 grams